Our Services

We offer a full service process. 



We send an technician to your home to measure the project and ensure accuracy.



We process the Homeowners Association Permit to ensure your new look is approved by them.

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We place the order of your custom-designed windows or shutters from top-quality manufacturer, like ES Windows.



We gather all the engineering paperwork to process the City Building Department permit.

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We install your project with one of our certified team of installers.

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We come back during the City Inspection day to ensure the inspection passes.



After your installation and inspection are completed, we continue coming back once a year, for three years, to tune-up your windows or shutters. Our team is here to help!


"We hired Orlando T Group to do our shutters in November of 2019 and we could not be happier with the service and the product. We have a very strict HOA and they were great with getting everything done with permits and obtaining the shutters in the color that they use on the property. Once everything was in place they came and installed all the shutters. They were all on a second floor.

We have 12 windows that include two sliding doors. They were really thorough doing the install and then cleaning up the dust from the drilling. They explained how to use and how to maintain the shutters. Truly exceptional and they have amazing customer service with all the questions we had. We had received estimates from a lot of companies and I am happy we chose Orlando T Group to do the job and get it done right! I highly recommend them."

-Nicole H

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take until my new windows/shutters are installed?

The whole process can take up to 12 weeks. Our service includes obtaining the homeowner's association permit, the city building permit, and finally, ordering the products from the different manufacturers.

Will my windows/shutters protect me against category 5 hurricanes?

The factories that make hurricane shutters and impact windows don't give guarantees that their products will protect against category 5 hurricanes. Since category 5 means greater than 157 mph winds, there is no upper limit. This means a seller claiming their windows protect against Category 5 is saying there are no storms in the world that could ever destroy their windows, something that no responsible and honest salesperson should ever do. All our products are approved by the State of Florida and increase your chances of being protected, but nobody can guarantee what will happen in a hurricane, because windows are only one factor that could affect your house.

Will installing hurricane protection lower my premium on my homeowner's insurance?

Yes, normally if all openings of your house have hurricane protection you should be able to get a better price on your insurance. This means that we would also need to install hurricane-resistant doors. Contact your insurance provider to find out how much you can save.

What geographical area do you serve?

Our office is located in Pembroke Pines. We offer our services in Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.

Are your windows approved by the building division of my county?

Absolutely! We only install products that have been approved in the state of Florida, and we get the permit for you and order the building inspection so you know you are getting a quality product.

How long will the installers take to complete the project on the installation day?

The duration of the installation will depend on how many openings your house has. We estimate being able to install approximately 4 to 5 windows per day.

Why do you need to have an inspection?

Alterations to your home typically require approval from the building department of your city. In the case of hurricane protection, the government helps ensure that companies are only installing products that meet all the building codes and requirements.

Do I have to pay for everything up front?

No. We charge 50% at the moment when the contract is signed. Later, 40% is due after the installation is completed. The remaining 10% is due after the inspection is completed and approved.

How long do I have to cancel my order after placing it?

For your peace of mind, we will refund your deposit if you give us written notice of your cancellation before midnight of the third business day after signing the contract.

Preguntas Frecuentes

¿Cuándo tendré mis ventanas/shutters nuevas instaladas?

El proceso entero puede tardar hasta 12 semanas. Nuestro servicio incluye obtener el permiso de la asociación de propietarios, el permiso de construcción de la ciudad y, finalmente, el pedido de los productos a los diferentes fabricantes para proceder con la respectiva instalación y finalmente solicitar la inspección.

¿La instalación de protección contra huracanes reducirá el precio de mi seguro de casa?

Sí, normalmente sí todas las aperturas de su casa tienen protección contra huracanes, debería poder obtener un mejor precio en su seguro. Comuníquese con su proveedor de seguros para averiguar cuánto puede ahorrar.

¿En qué áreas atienden?

Nuestra oficina está ubicada en Pembroke Pines. Ofrecemos nuestros servicios en los condados de Miami Dade y Broward.

¿Están sus ventanas aprobadas por la división de construcción de mi condado?

¡Por supuesto! Solamente instalamos productos que han sido aprobados por el estado de la Florida. Nosotros obtenemos el permiso para usted y coordinamos la inspección para que esté seguro que está obteniendo un producto de calidad.

¿Cuánto tardarán los instaladores en completar el proyecto el día de la instalación?

La duración de la instalación dependerá de cuántas aperturas tenga tu casa. Estimamos poder instalar aproximadamente entre 4 a 5 ventanas por día.

¿Por qué necesito una inspección?

Las modificaciones a su hogar generalmente requieren la aprobación del departamento de construcción de su ciudad. En el caso de la protección contra huracanes, el gobierno ayuda a garantizar que las empresas solo instalen productos que cumplan con todos los códigos y requisitos.

¿Tengo que pagar todo por adelantado?

No. Cobramos el 50% cuando firme el contrato. Luego, el 40% se debe pagar una vez se empiece la instalación. El 10% restante se debe pagar una vez la inspección esté aprobada.

¿Cuánto tiempo tengo para cancelar mi orden después de realizarla?

Para su tranquilidad, le reembolsaremos su depósito si nos notifica por escrito de su cancelación antes de la medianoche del tercer día hábil después de haber firmado el contrato.