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Impact Windows Company

Impact windows come in a variety of styles. They protect you against hurricanes and intruders. Unlike shutters, you don't have to do anything to be storm-ready.

What Are Hurricane Impact Windows?

Hurricane Impact Windows are highly innovative windows designed to protect your home from the strongest of hurricanes and storms, keeping you and your family safe during extreme weather conditions. They provide superior defense against intense winds, rain, and flying debris.


A hurricane impact window's construction features multiple layers of fused vinyl or impact-resistant glass laminated together with a strong, durable sealant and polyvinyl butyral that ensures air and water protection. They feature an advanced inner envelope with components such as a laminated glass interlock system that can lock out exterior winds up to 200 miles per hour. The frames are also engineered with reinforced seams, preventing water leakage and intrusion during any intense weather event. 


Our providers design windows that offer the highest level of durability, protection, and security while also reducing noise pollution and delivering improved energy efficiency when compared to traditional window materials. We are South Florida’s premier impact windows company.

Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows.

Hurricane impact resistant windows offer a wide variety of benefits for those living in areas where hurricanes and other severe storms are frequent. They are designed to withstand winds up to 200 mph, flying debris, and water infiltration, making them superior to traditional windows in terms of durability and reliability. They are made with two panes of glass that provide insulation against heat transfer, keeping your home cooler during hot summer months and warmer during cold winter months. Additionally, they can help homeowners save money on insurance premiums as some insurers offer discounted rates for homes with this type of window installed.

Here are some benefits of hurricane impact windows:

  1. superior to traditional windows. 

  2. The energy efficiency of the best hurricane windows will help you save money on energy bills while also keeping your home more comfortable all year round by regulating temperatures more effectively. 

  3. The strong frames and reinforced glass make it difficult for intruders to enter your home, protecting you from potential harm in the event of an attempted burglary or other criminal activity. 

  4. They can also add aesthetic value to your home; their sleek design can create a modern look that enhances the beauty of any building.

  5. They increase the property value of your home, because it becomes a safer home.

Arch Windows


Arch windows are designed with double-pane insulated glass, impact-resistant frames, and heavy-duty weatherstripping to meet the highest hurricane performance standards. Our arch windows are designed to prevent water infiltration, adding protection against wind and rain during hurricanes. These windows offer exceptional acoustic insulation to enhance noise isolation. 

Casement Windows


Casement windows are attached to the frame by one or more hinges at the side, designed to withstand intense winds and pressure while keeping your home safe and secure. With features like structural reinforcements, heavy-duty locks, and impact-resistant glass, you can rest assured your windows will provide lasting protection during those turbulent months. 

Single Hung Windows


Single Hung Windows function with a movable lower sash and a fixed upper sash, making them an ideal choice for many climates and locations. With their stylish design, these windows can enhance your home's appearance while meeting rigorous hurricane impact standards. They require little maintenance over time due to high-tech materials and powder-coating technology.

Fixed Windows


Fixed windows feature a non-operational design and have been created with a thicker and larger frame than ordinary picture windows. With this increased size comes added security and peace of mind when it comes to protecting your space from extreme weather conditions. Not only are fixed windows great for keeping the elements outside, but they also provide improved insulation.

Horizontal Roller Windows


A horizontal roller window’s unique design combines versatility with durability, creating a window that can withstand a hurricane while offering an effortless sliding mechanism. Heavy-duty tracks are installed directly into the frame, allowing the sashes to be opened and closed horizontally. This design offers maximum space efficiency, making these windows ideal for hurricane protection and convenience. 


Who Needs Impact Windows?


Florida residents, in particular, need hurricane impact windows to protect their homes and offices from catastrophic natural calamities. The devastation caused by storms and hurricanes can cost you thousands of dollars in repair and renovation. However, with the right property protection, you can save immense costs and psychological distress. Since they are built with superior features to protect your homes and offices, investing in these specially designed windows is not only a wise decision but a necessary one if you want to protect your valuable assets against destructive weather events. Impact-resistant windows also provide added security for commercial and residential buildings as they are difficult to break into.


Key Features of Impact Window.


Hurricane impact windows are made with premium-grade materials that can withstand high winds, flying debris, and other severe weather conditions. They offer innumerable benefits to property owners in light of devastating events. Plus, they come in various styles, including fixed, casement, arch, french impact windows, etc., so they can fit any type of window opening. Here are some key features of these windows:


  1. Impact windows are made with a special type of impact-resistant glass and high-strength aluminum frames to provide better protection during hurricanes and other severe storms.

  2. The glass is designed to absorb the force of wind-driven debris, while the frame helps keep the window in place, even under intense pressure.

  3. These windows are reinforced with double or triple panes of tempered glass for enhanced durability and strength against high winds and heavy rains. The extra layers also provide insulation, helping reduce energy costs year-round.

  4. Impact windows feature advanced drainage systems that quickly direct rainwater away from the structure to prevent flooding and water damage at any time of year. 

  5. Many impact windows come with solar film coating on the glass panes, which eliminates glare while providing UV protection from damaging rays when they enter your home during sunny days.

  6. Last but certainly not least, impact windows have been shown to reduce external noise levels when installed correctly drastically.

What Are Hurricane Impact Windows Made Of?

The best impact windows and doors are made from high-grade materials designed to provide maximum protection against hurricanes, tropical storms, and other extreme weather conditions. They typically feature layers of impact-resistant glass, reinforced frames, and heavy-duty hardware. The most common types of impact glass used in these windows include laminated safety glass, tempered safety glass, and polycarbonate plastic.

Laminated Safety Glass comprises two or more layers of strong glass bonded together by a transparent interlayer. During impact, the interlayer holds the fragments of broken glass together to help prevent injury. 

Tempered Safety Glass is heated until it’s extremely hot before being cooled quickly. This makes the surface strong, giving it increased resistance to breakage during impacts or attempted burglaries. It is also shatterproof should it break.

Polycarbonate Plastic is one of the strongest materials for windows for hurricane protection, making them nearly indestructible in extreme winds such as those experienced in a hurricane. It has an incredibly high strength-to-weight ratio and prevents harmful UV rays from entering your home.


How Do Impact Resistant Windows Work?


Hurricane Impact Windows are constructed from two layers of glass that sandwich a layer of plasticized vinyl, which is also reinforced with metal frames. The two glass layers are held together by a strong adhesive, creating an extra layer of protection against impact. When impacted, the inner layer of glass absorbs and dissipates the energy from the impact, preventing it from reaching and damaging the outer layer. In addition to their strength, impact-resistant windows also feature airtight seals around their edges to keep out moisture and dust, helping them remain undamaged over time. Furthermore, these windows often come with advanced locking mechanisms that further increase their security level.

Difference Between Impact Windows and Hurricane Windows


If we talk about hurricane windows vs. impact windows, traditional hurricane windows can offer a degree of protection, but they do not compare to the strength and durability of an impact window. Impact Windows are built with heavy-duty glass and sturdy frames that enhance their resistance against debris and high winds associated with tropical storms. 


Compared side-by-side, impact windows offer superior protection to hurricane windows due to the innovative components involved in their construction. Impact windows provide much more protection by utilizing an outer protective layer and a reinforced interior frame for added support. The result is increased safety for homeowners looking for an extra level of storm protection for their homes.

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