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Impact Windows and Home Security

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Everyone knows that impact windows are an efficient, aesthetically-pleasing way to protect your home from Mother Nature. But they also provide an unexpected benefit in that they can protect you from burglary and home invasion.

Impact windows are designed to resist both flying debris (e.g. a tree branch) and blunt impact (e.g. a crowbar), making them the ideal all-in-one home protection measure. These windows, offered by a reputable impact windows company, are made with multiple glass panes, sandwiched together between a laminate finish. The result is a sheet of crystal-clear (or tinted) material that will resist multiple high-speed impacts.

Most burglaries are considered “crimes of opportunity.” That is, a would-be thief often selects their targets based on ease of access and likelihood of success. Houses with older, thinner windows, for example, make for an easier entry than a house with a steel door and 15 security cameras. Standard glass windows and doors can easily be shattered with one swing of a hammer. Impact windows, on the other hand, will require several very noisy blows to breach (if they break at all). An experienced thief would identify impact windows on a potential target and very likely move on to another, less secure property.

We offer matching impact doors to give your property a seamless, sophisticated appearance while maintaining the same level of protection for all of your home or office’s access points. No security system is completely foolproof, but impact windows can and should play a key role in your personal protection mix -- especially if you live in South Florida.

So, if you’re considering upgrading your home with impact windows, remember that they offer so much more than hurricane protection. They provide peace of mind that, from stray golf shots to flying 2 x 4’s, you and your property will be safe. They cool and insulate your home more efficiently. They increase property value and lower insurance rates.

Home invasion is, unfortunately, a year-round threat. And as hurricane season approaches, there has never been a better time to invest in impact windows. Give us a call at 954-625-5318 today to schedule a free estimate and a speedy installation.

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