Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get impact windows or hurricane shutters?


There are pros and cons of each, but in general, we recommend impact windows. Even though impact windows can be approximately 70% more expensive, they have several advantages over shutters:





  • You don't have to do anything to prepare for the hurricane. Shutters need to obviously be closed when the hurricane is approaching, and you need to be home to close them.


  • Impact windows increase the energy efficiency in your home by reducing A/C leaks and protecting against UV rays.


  • Impact windows provide protection against intruders because they are very difficult to shatter.  


  • Impact windows are more aesthetically pleasing because they don't add any external protrusions to your home.


  • Impact windows reduce the amount of noise coming into your house.


  • Impact windows replace your old, possibly malfunctioning windows, for new and strong impact resistant windows, making your house look more modern.




For all these reasons, we recommend impact windows. However, many customers on a tight budget ask us for shutters. Our solution for them is to let them know of the financing options we offer. If they really don't want to, we're happy to offer hurricane shutters.



How long will it take until my new windows/shutters are installed?


The whole process can take up to 12 weeks.  Our service includes obtaining the homeowner's association permit, the city building permit, and finally, ordering the products from the different manufacturers. 


Here is an overview of the whole project:






Will my windows/shutters protect me against category 5 hurricanes?

Will installing hurricane protection lower my premium on my homeowner's insurance?



The factories that make hurricane shutters and impact windows don't give guarantees that their products will protect against category 5 hurricanes. Since category 5 means greater that 157mph winds, there is no upper limit. This means a seller claiming their windows protect against Category 5 is saying there are no storms in the world that could ever destroy their windows, something that no responsible and honest salesperson should ever do. All our products are approved by the State of Florida and increase your chances of being protected, but nobody can guarantee what will happen in a hurricane, because windows are only one factor that could affect your house.





What geographical area do you serve?


Yes, normally if all openings of your house have hurricane protection you should be able to get a better price on your insurance. This means that we would also need to install hurricane-resistant doors. Contact your insurance provider to find out how much you can save.






Are your windows approved by the building division of my county?


Our office is located in Pembroke Pines. We offer our services in Miami Dade, Broward, and West Palm Beach counties.







Absolutely! We only install products that have been approved in the state of Florida, and we get the permit for you and order the building inspection so you know you are getting a quality product.






How long will the installation take?

Why do you need to have an inspection?


The duration of the installation will depend on how many openings your house has. We estimate being able to install approximately 4 to 5 windows per day.






Alterations to your home typically require approval from the building department of your city. In the case of hurricane protection, the goverment helps ensure that companies are only installing products that meet all the building codes and requirements. 





Do I have to pay for everything up front?


No. We charge 50% at the moment when the contract is signed. Later, 40% is due after the installation is completed. The remaining 10% is due after the inspection is completed and approved.





How long do I have to cancel my order after placing it?


For your peace of mind, we will refund your deposit if you give us written notice of your cancellation before midnight of the third business day after signing the contract.




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